Dinner course

You may reserve our dinner course of local foodstuff, for two or more guests

With plentiful special foodstuff from Yakushima island and Kagoshima pref.,
we serve you a dinner course from appetizers and desserts, which should satisfy
your appetite.As we prepare based on your reservation, please let us know
if you have any allergy at the time of reservation.



Vegetable &Organic course

Completely vegetarian menu for vegans
Lacto-ovo-vegetarian: for those want to have mainly vegetarian menu as well as
a little amount of fish, chicken and meat, and for those want to make some request
regarding foodstuff because of allergies and others, we would like to serve taking
into account as much individual request as possible.

This is a private course constructed for those who place emphasis on what foodstuff should be used

For guests having already made reservation in advance, we shall serve special dishes
to be created on our own. Specific contents of the course will be arranged
so that they satisfy the guest's request, by selecting materials and recipes according to the season.
Addition of meat/fish: please feel free to ask us about changing the main dish to meat/fish.

If you would like this course, reservation is required at least one week in advance.

<Contents of vegetable dinner course>
Yakushima morning-harvested salad
Forest vegetable: assorted warm/cold appetizer
Today's soup using no oil
Fresh original pasta using no egg
Main dish made only of vegetables
Yakushima fruits dessert
Home-roasted coffee or Fresh herb tea

Up from \10,000 (per guest) (excluding tax),
available for two or more guests

Foodstuff that we use:
  • Salt: sea salt made through classic process resulting in condensed minerals
    and delicious taste. It is made at Nagata beach in Yakushima, famous as
    world's best place for egg laying of sea turtle.
  • Sugar: Shima-zarame (coarse sugar) from Tanegashima island, rich in minerals.
  • Egg: fresh egg of Yakushima local free-range chicken raised in
    Onoaida, Hirauchi and Mugio areas.
  • Salad vegetables: chemical-free vegetables grown by our contract farmers,
    just harvested in the morning.
  • Other vegetables: chemical-free or low-pesticide vegetables grown
    in Yakushima (those from outside, such as eggplant and tomato,
    are used only for the period when no local product are available).
  • Mushrooms: grown on logs in the woods of Yakushima (Hirauchi),
    in the same environment and natural cycle as wild ones.
  • Wheat: organic domestic wheat or grown in Yakushima.
  • Oil: olive oil rich in oleic acid.
  • Pasta: fresh pasta made from domestic wheat, using no egg.
  • Bread: using 100% domestic wheat and wild yeast, made through
    original process with completely no additives.
  • Water: excellent quality water of Yakushima.
  • Cheese: plant-derived vegecheese using no dairy product.
  • Dairy product: plain soymilk using no genetically-modified soy beans.

Mayonnaise, dressing, sauce and others are all home-made, so please feel free
to ask us about any allergies and such.

If you would like this course, reservation is required than the following inquiry form