About us

Thought of Yakushima Vita Kitchen

Most of our guests are tourists.
One day, I thought, what is travel?

Looking at guests having dishes with joy and smile, a word came to my mind, namely "pampering".
Right! Travel may be a kind of pampering myself, having struggled every day.
Thereafter we have decided to make it an important measure whether the each and
every piece of our serving is worth pampering.

I think meals on the way of travel are sort of pampering, aren't they?
If you go on a travel, why don't you enjoy "pampering yourself with delicious dishes"
that should satisfy you physically and mentally?

It should be a great pleasure if we could help you in such a situation.

* For children
Truly sorry, but we do not accept preschool children.
Fathers and mothers need to have time for pampering themselves.
Except for fully private reservations, we do not accept preschool children all day,
so that parents could enjoy time for adults and meanwhile children could have some stage
to grow up to adults capable of using folk and knife smartly.