Menu and Reservation

Lunch      Unnecessary to reserve   Lunch menu here

As a general rule, no reservation can be made for lunch.
We serve customers on a first-come,first-served basis
NOTE: Please contact us for fully private reservation.

Dinner      Reservation is required.  dinner menu here

We serve you a variety of dishes ranging from a set menu to dinner course,
mainly with local specialties of Kagoshima pref. and Yakushima island,
well-selected safe and chemical-free vegetables grown by our contract farmers.

  • For 1 to 4 guests:
    "Set menu" is available from which you can select as you like.
  • For 2 or more gusts:
    "Dinner course"            menu here
        Each dish will be served to individual guests.
        <This course should be reserved on two opening days before.>
Vegetable &Organic course    Dinner Time only    Vegetable  course menu here

Completely vegetarian menu for vegans
for those want to have mainly vegetarian menu as well as a little amount of fish, chicken and meat,
and for those want to make some request regarding foodstuff because of allergies and others,
we would like to serve taking into account as much individual request as possible.

This is a private course constructed for those who place emphasis on what foodstuff should be used.



About reservations

Times to be reserved
Just for seats:18:00・18:30・19:00
For dinner course:18:00・18:30
no later than 17:00 on three opening days before

Reservation form


Please note:
- for children

 Truly sorry, but we do not accept preschool children.

However, we may possibly accept them in cases of
such as fully private reservations. Please contact us.

- for elementary school children

 We may accept if they are able to eat dishes for adults.
No kids' menu is available.